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StartUp Partner Program

Jan 1 | Allentown, PA, US
We are an emerging mobile tech startup partner & digital agency. We specialize in business, growth, & exit strategies.

About this Program

Our StartUp partner program is designed exclusively to guide you one on one. We have an extensive program that provides startups with the necessary tools and resources to successfully structure an actionable and executable plan at all stages.

Our mission is to identify 15 emerging mobile tech startups a year with a clear vision & passion to help them develop, launch, and grow.

What startups are we looking for?

-Idea stage / or if your product has traction
-USA Based Startups located within Philly & NYC
-Diverse driven team
-Predominantly but not exclusively mobile app, SaaS (and other software) enabled startups
-Non-technical / Technical team

StartUp Partner Program

We provide value at three different stages for a % of your company.

At this stage you have an idea and you're seeking to find the best resources to define, develop, and execute your plan of action.

Business strategies
Competitive analysis
Marketing plan
Branding canvas
Crowd / funding
MVP development

At this stage you have an MVP and have some traction but are now seeking to attain funding to launch and go to market.

MVP Iteration
Marketing startegies
Sales strategies
Defined Pitch
Saturation / Financial Planning
On demand executive team
Investor relations

At this stage you have launched and gained your first round of funding but now need to accelerate growth to increase revenue.

MVP to final product
Next round funding
Growth marketing
Sales systems
Operational ecosystem
Team management
Strategic Development
Account management
International relations

Our Added Value

The challenge- pre seed only
We challenge you to raise a friends & family round of $5000. This will validate your quest on becoming fully dedicated to your startup. You will create your first pitch, record it and memorize it. You will then pitch your idea to your friends and family to start generating cash flow from day one.

Lean Canvas
We help start-ups structure their business plan into a compact one-page summary.

Branding Canvas
We help start-ups structure their branding strategy into a compact one-page summary.

Logo Concept
You'll come up with your startup's brand name and you'll design the first logo. You will identify an icon (symbol) and logotype (font) that represents your brand. This isn't a professional logo... This is to place your name out there to inform your audience of who and what you are as a startup... Your brand will evolve as you grow.

Positioning statement
We help start-ups identify their business in one complete sentence summarizing the who, what and how.

Business Formation
We provide the necessary tools and guidance to setup your incorporation.

Marketing plan
We define and create a strategy with the start-up to promote their business in alignment with their target audience and niche market.

Basic prototyping
You will create the wireframe planning of the first version of the app. (no, this isn't coded) You will identify the main necessary features your app will need in order to execute as an MVP.

Minimal landing page
You will structure a one-page website that informs your target audience about your startup idea in it's simplest form. We will build it, include your logo concept, and match your brands color scheme. We will also integrate a Mailchimp form so you can engage your audience through email campaigns and keep them updated.

Re evaluation
We go through the entire business plan and check off on all requirements to move forward and formulate an investment pitch.

Pitch deck
Formation of pitch deck with required content to summarize the start-ups plan of action.

We approve the final pitch deck and have you pitch your presentation to us.

Crowd Equity
We help you build out your campaign strategy and connect you to the right crowd equity funding platform.

Investor Relations
We provide credibility as a direct referral to connect you with the right investors in our network. Investors in our network will align with your start-up and industry.

Mentorship / Advisors
We assist you with our one on one guidance every step of the way.
We also help you identify the right board of advisors/mentors for your team.

MVP Execution
This is an extensive workshop where we take you from idea to product development.
We help you design and define the UI / UX from your initial wireframes. We code and develop your MVP from scratch at 50% off the market rate. We provide an extensive testing environment to prepare you for a direct launch.

Legal Structure
The Law firms in our network will help you structure all your legal needs.

Sales & Marketing
We provide you with guidance, necessary tools, and services to help you execute your sales and marketing strategy.

Direct to market
We help you launch your MVP direct to market and leverage public relations.

We are committed for the long-run to continuously help you iterate your app as you grow.

International Relations
We help you find the right opportunities to launch and grow your startup abroad.

Digital Services
We provide all standard services in terms of Digital Marketing, PR, Web Design / Development, UI/UX, Graphic Design, Branding, Advertising and much more.


Funding Information

  • Takes up to 10.0% equity
  • Accepts 15 companies


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