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Venture Lab - Winter 2022

Jan 18 - Apr 7 | Seattle, WA, USA
The Big to Small Lab helps you 10x your network in 10 weeks. Launch or join a startup, or gain a competitive advantage within your day job.

About this Program

Our program was created for product-centered founders to help founders get to the next stage of growth. Our pillars help these startups refine their strategy and build the frameworks for founders to scale. Fundraising is an important part of this lab and can be an intimidating subject for people unfamiliar with how to navigate this process. We help you knock down those barriers and build up your investor network.

In the Lab, startups receive:
-Curated mentorship from a selection of over 70+ mentors
-Weekly 1:1 time with a Managing Director
-Access to a community of founders to receive support and curated content to help your business not only launch, but thrive.
-Curated introductions to local investors

We've designed the program to be:

-12 weeks long so that you have enough time to make meaningful progress on your business and prepare for financing.

-Focused on your startups specific needs with targeted Managing Director time and lead mentorship.

Funding Information

  • Takes up to 4.0% equity
  • Accepts 10 companies


Aerospace, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Business Products, Clean Technology + 12 more