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Upward Labs - Energy Efficiency Challenge

Mar 1 - Sep 1 | Hartford, CT, USA
Accelerating the path to commercialization

About this Program

Upward Labs, known for its unique approach to fast-tracking commercialization for startups in the U.S. market, is proud to announce its first open innovation scouting initiative in partnership with a Fortune-ranked corporation in the energy sector.

The Upward Labs Energy Efficiency Challenge pairs the world’s most advanced startups with an industry-leading Upward Enterprise Partner based on the maturity of the startup’s technology and direct applicability to a predefined business challenge.

PARTNER STATEMENT: The buildings sector accounts for more than 75% of electricity use and 40% of primary energy use and associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the United States. This poses a critical need to reduce energy consumption in buildings to meet energy and environmental challenges and to reduce costs to building owners and tenants.

DESIRED SOLUTIONS: Upward Enterprise Partners are looking for advanced technologies that minimize energy consumption and help the environment. Solutions in energy efficiency address areas the areas of greatest consumption in buildings, such as HVAC, lighting, major appliances, and household electronics.

Upward Labs guides the world’s most promising startups through the journey to commercialization in an immersive partnership experience with American industry leaders.

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Clean Technology, Electronics / Instrumentation, Industrial/Energy, Real Estate