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Unstuck Startup Studio

Jun 1 - Aug 1 | Washington D.C., DC, USA
We are a hyper-learning community and startup studio that takes early stage founders from idea to prototype in 12 weeks.

About this Program

Startup Studio:
Unstuck Startups is a hyper-learning community and startup studio that takes you from idea to Launch in 12 weeks.

Potential Startup Studio members are screened and selected based on fit, founders, and idea potential with less than 2% selected to enter. Once accepted companies pay a one time commitment fee of $9,470 to join the studio. The commitment fee allows us to partner with you without taking equity upfront. In return you get over $50k in tangible services, co-working space, plus an opportunity to receive follow on funding. To date we have invested over $2mln in startups with an average ticket size of $25k-$150k, in addition to participating later rounds.

After successfully completing the Studio program based on progress, and fit members may be invited to join the Studio as Partners. Partners share an equity stake with Unstuck Labs, and we take the role of advisors, and cofounders to help you grow.

About us:
We are founders just like you. We bootstrapped, we raised capital, we had our failures and we had our successes. We accelerate your learning through the collective experience of our industry network and startup community. Our focus is on creating tangible results.

Fail fast, learn faster, and succeed longer.


• Comprehensive programs taught by entrepreneurs
• Hyper learning community of founders who are passionate about helping one another.
• Co-working space to collaborate with your cohorts during the program.
• Network of top advisors, growth hackers, lawyers, angels & marketing pros.

Workshops - below are the types of topics we cover:

• Prepping Startups for the right mindset to succeed
• Creating a Fundable Business Model
• Budgeting, Forecasts and Governance
• Gaining Traction and Validation
• Marketing & Customer Acquisition
• Understanding mobile app development technology
• Building an effective website
• Building and testing your app prototype
• Perfecting Your Pitch
• Launching and Scaling Your Business
• Valuations, Discounts, Term Sheets & Debt
• Proving a Product-Market Fit to Investors
• Finding & Selling Investors
• Preparing Your Presentation & Investor Deck

Mentoring - examples of the types of mentoring sessions:

• VC's and angels who discuss startup funding
• Attorneys who discuss patents, IP and startup legal issues
• Designers who discuss smart UI, UX and product design
• Marketing experts who discuss branding and positioning
• Veteran entrepreneurs who discuss their experience running startups
• Financial advisors who discuss operating plans, forecasts and P&L
• HR professionals who discuss employee retention, happiness & benefits
• Authors and consultants who discuss management and leadership
• PR experts who discuss visibility, press and story development

Deliverables - Tangible deliverables during program include:

• Website with analytics
• Mobile app wireframes
• Mobile app prototype
• Pitch deck
• Legal incorporation Assistance
• Action plan

Funding Information

  • Funds up to $0 per team
  • Takes up to 0.0% equity
  • Accepts 12 companies


Business Products, Business Services, Clean Technology, Computers and Peripherals, Construction + 21 more