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2019 University of Delaware FastPass Competition @ Delaware Innovation Space

Jan 1 - Dec 31 | Wilmington, DE, USA
Business building expertise, educational programs, scientific equipment, and extensive, multi-use wet laboratories to incubate and accelerate early stage, scientific focused startups

About this Program

Calling all Science Entrepreneurs: Announcing the 2019 UD FastPass Competition for Startups providing up to one year** of free access to the Delaware Innovation Space (a $50,000 value*)

Delaware Innovation Space (DISI) ( in collaboration with University of Delaware (UD) ( is seeking applications for the coveted UD FastPass. A UD FastPass gives a startup company support to accelerate their business forward with access to research space, scientific equipment, leveraged facilities, and business building capabilities of the Delaware Innovation Space.

Benefits of the UD FastPass:

  • Up to one year** of free access to the Delaware Innovation Space, located in Wilmington DE, in either the chemistry-material science incubator or the biotech incubator. Includes a lab pod or bio lab bench and desk/workstation with free access to leveraged capabilities including leveraged/loaned scientific and processing equipment, conference room and facilities, collaboration/snack center, business building programs, and expert networks

  • $5,000* in credit to be used in support of operational services at the Delaware Innovation Space which would include supplies, and other on-demand services including access to all programs of the Delaware Innovation Space for up to one year** for up to three people

  • Qualifications:

  • Must have association with University of Delaware. Association includes founders and/or leadership team members being UD students, UD staff, UD professors, UD alumni, and/or business has intellectual property that was developed at and/or licensed from the University of Delaware
  • Compelling business model focused upon a validated problem or opportunity , in one of the following areas: Healthcare, Industrial Biotechnology, Advanced Materials, Nutrition, Renewable Energy and/or Chemical Ingredients
  • Strong and committed CEO and leadership team with an established legal entity and operational structure and plan for the startup company

  • Applications: Startup companies interested in pursuing the UD FastPass need to submit a non-confidential business pitch deck and all submissions are due by September 30th, 2019.

    Phone interviews will be conducted after submission to determine the top finalists. Finalists will then pitch to a selection panel at the Delaware Innovation Space in Wilmington, Delaware no later mid October 2019, and one company will be selected to receive the UD FastPass. The selection panel for the competition will be selected by University of Delaware and the Delaware Innovation Space.

    * This is not a cash investment nor can award be redeemed for cash.
    ** 6 months access to Delaware Innovation Space is guaranteed, extension from 6 months to 1 year of free access is dependent on successful completion of technical/business milestones defined by the Delaware Innovation Space.

    Funding Information

    • Funds up to $50k per team
    • Takes up to 0.0% equity
    • Accepts 1 companies


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