TheVentureCity Garden Fellowship

Jun 1 - Dec 1 | Miami, FL, US

Supporting visionary founders through the entire entrepreneurship cycle build remarkable companies.

About this Program

We work with tech startups from around the world to help grow and internationalize their business. Our team of growth, product, engineers, innovation, operations, culture and financial experts with international expertise work with your team as a hands-on Advisory Board that you can access as often as you need (https://theventure.city/people/). Key details of the program include:
- Dream Team: Full access to our strong team with wide expertise growing tech companies globally
- Duration: Each company is different so we give them the chance to decide how long they want to stay in the program with a minimum of 3 months and a cap of 36 months. The equity that we take depends how long you stay in the program.
- Equity: We take no equity up front; rather, it vests on a monthly basis (0.56% per month).
- Investment: Each company receives US$20,000 as an initial investment from - TheVentureCity Fund I and will then have the opportunity for additional funding.
- Co-working: Fellows can enjoy free coworking in Miami and Madrid for the duration of the program
- Location: Virtual engagement is also available but we will have 2 immersion weeks in our location that fellows are highly encourage to attend.

For eligibility and additional details on the program chek: https://theventure.city/garden

Funding Information

  • Funds up to $20k per team
  • Accepts 10 companies


Business Products, Business Services, Consulting, Consumer Services, Digital Marketing + 8 more