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TheVentureCity Product-Led Growth Program

Jan 1 - May 31 | Miami, FL, USA
The Product-Led Growth Program is a boutique accelerator that prepares global founders to achieve their next milestone.

About this Program

<< Despite all the challenges that the world is facing, we keep helping the startup ecosystem in the Americas and in Europe, onboarding 3 to 4 startups per month in our Product-Led Growth Program. >>

Each company is different so we design a tailor-made program for each one of them.

Applications are reviewed as they arrive and the accepted companies can start at any moment.
We review and reply to every single company that applies to our program.

We think that focus is key, so we invest $100k that converts to 6% of the company to help the founders focus on the Startup's most essential challenges: Product and Growth.

The program lasts 5 months and startups will have full access to our team.

We have extensive expertise in growing tech companies globally at an early stage, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Pinterest and eBay. Our team of experts in growth, product, engineering, operations, culture and finance/funding becomes an extension of your team, meeting you every week on exclusive 1:1s where your growth challenges are discussed and addressed.

We run our program totally remotely, so you don't have to relocate if you don't want to. We only ask for 3 immersion weeks, on the first/third/fifth month, that will be done through video conference and will be more intense than the others.

For eligibility and additional details on the program check:

Together we are stronger!

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Funding Information

  • Funds up to $300k per team
  • Takes up to 6.0% equity
  • Accepts 50 companies


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