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TiE AnthahPrerana 2016

Jul 4 - Jan 1 | Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Starts With You

About this Program

AnthahPrerana is an initiative that recognizes entrepreneurs for their vision, innovation, their articulation, and sets them on the path to realizing their vision and innovation. It is NOT a business plan competition though the business viability and feasibility will be a factor in the startup's recognition. It is a competition that acknowledges and rewards the future potential of the entrepreneur.
AnthahPrerana picks 10 best unfunded companies (commercial and social) and rigorously mentors them through the TiE network of seasoned entrepreneurs & startup mentors. This initiative is directed at the zeroth stage entrepreneur i.e self funded/family & friends funded startups. The startup must NOT have raised organised/institutional angel or VC funding. If it is found that a qualified startup is already being funded, they are liable to disqualification from the program.


Aerospace, Biotechnology, Business Products, Business Services, Digital Marketing + 10 more