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TheVentureCity Product-Led Growth Week

Oct 5 - Oct 9 | Remote, OR, USA
A boutique growth accelerator that prepares founders to achieve global success.

About this Program

Learn how your product can be the main driver of growth and why this approach has been used by successful startups like Slack, Dropbox, Zoom and many others.

Join us remotely September 21 - 25 to learn how your startup can build a repeatable playbook to acquire, retain & grow customers.

The program is cash and equity free.

At the end of the week, we will select two startups that will be offered an opportunity to join our Growth Accelerator Program, which includes a $100k investment (pending due diligence).


You and your co-founders will have the chance to hear how TheVentureCity approaches Product-Led Growth.

Having come from high-growth companies like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, eBay and others, our team has spent the last several years guiding 40+ startups through TheVentureCity’s intensive five-month Growth Accelerator program.

Along the way we have continually refined our approach to growing startups based on extensive trial-and-error and pattern matching. Product-Led Growth Week is an opportunity for us to share the highlights with you in a condensed format.

Over the five days, you will learn how we think about things like…
- Moving quickly
- Designing the product in a user-centric way
- Making the product the centerpiece of the go-to market strategy
- Acquiring and retaining customers
- Making data-driven decisions
- Fundraising


- Dates: Monday, September 21 – Friday, September 25
- Time Commitment: ~ 3 hours per day broken into a 1.5 hour morning session (11am – 12:30pm EST) and a 1.5 hour afternoon session (2:30pm – 4pm EST)
- Location: This program is fully remote. Join us from anywhere with adequate bandwidth!
- Application Deadline: Wednesday, September 30th


Day 1: Mindset
Opening Session: How TheVentureCity Thinks w/ Edgard Duque
Morning Session: The Importance of Speed w/ Katya Skorobogatova
Afternoon Session: Startup Health w/ David Smith

Day 2: Product
Morning Session: User Journey w/ Andres Fajardo
Afternoon Session: NUX – New User Experience w/ David Marcus

Day 3: Data
Morning Session: Data Capture w/ Victor Servin
Afternoon Session: Priorities Defined by Data w/ Roberto Navas

Day 4: Growth
Morning Session: User Acquisition w/ Luis Guzman
Afternoon Session: Growth Strategies w/ Katya Skorobogatova

Day 5: Leadership & Fundraising
Morning Session: Leadership for Growth w/ Jimena Zubiria
Afternoon Session: Fundraising Essentials w/ Maria Pereda
Closing Session: From Engagement to Retention to Growth w/ Katya Skorobogatova

Funding Information

  • Accepts 50 companies


Education, Financial Services, Fintech, Healthcare Services, IT Services + 6 more