The Vertical Accelerator

Sep 1 - Mar 31 | San Jose, CA, USA
We help innovative founders harness AI to create technology and build ventures faster than ever. No investors required.

About this Program

Go For Vertical: The AI-Powered Startup Launchpad

At Go For Vertical, we're redefining the startup innovation landscape. We empower innovative founders to harness the power of AI, enabling them to create groundbreaking technology and build ventures faster than ever before. Our AI-driven Vertical Technology and Venture Accelerator is designed to propel startups to conceive, create, and launch transformative tech, scale new ventures, and achieve unparalleled success.

Key Highlights:

Innovative Approach: We help founders develop cutting-edge technology, attract users and customers, and unlock channels for accelerated growth.

Micro-Acquisition Mastery: Vertical is a game-changer for founders aiming for micro-acquisitions. Launch rapidly without depending on traditional funding and aim for a successful exit within just 18-24 months.

Proven Success: Our track record boasts 12 cohorts, over 40 early-stage founders, and two successful exits.

Diverse Programs: From our foundational BASECAMP to the advanced SUMMIT, we offer a range of programs tailored to startups at different stages.

Global Reach: We've worked with startups everywhere, from Silicon Valley to Perth, Australia, delivering major-league results in both established and emerging tech markets.

Founder Testimonials: Our founders vouch for the transformative impact of our programs. From developing cost-effective launch plans to gaining one-on-one attention, our accelerator has been instrumental in their success journeys.

Join Us in the Vertical Journey

Whether you're looking to launch a tech startup, drive new corporate innovation, or turn a passion into a world-changing social venture, Go For Vertical is the place to be. Let's build something amazing together.


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