TAMS Incubator | 2022 Cohort

May 16 - Nov 11 | New York, NY, USA

Where New Ideas Take Flight

About this Program

For our second cohort, the TAMS Incubator is seeking entrepreneurs who have solutions and ideas to create the perfect business trip. There are dozens of touch points in an end-to-end business trip from the time you decide a trip is necessary all the way through to the point where you are either fully reimbursed or the corporate card balance is paid. Over the years, the industry has seen some progress in improving the overall trip experience, and now we are looking to transform the traveler journey.

For this next group of companies, we are seeking those that identify a gap or opportunity in the current traveler journey and have a solution to make the experience incrementally better, whether through increased efficiency, cost savings, more sustainable practices, or support of DEI goals, to name a few.


Aerospace, Fintech, IT Services, Lifestyle, Retailing / Distribution +3 more