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May 2 - May 4 | Paris, France
The sky is not the limit !

About this Program

The BOOTCAMP will take participants through the process of formulating the framework of the entrepreneurial venture, from innovative idea creation to early start-up activities and acquisition of the first clients for a new business. Central to this process is the iterative creation and fine-tuning of a business plan and understanding the uses of the business plan for management of key activities and for attracting outside investors.
This training is dedicated to students and alumni entrepreneurs holding a project and willing to prepare themselves for an effective and professional presentation of the project to potential partners, investors or clients.

3 days of knowledge transfer and iterative practice leading to a complete presentation of the business plan in front of an audience of professionals.

Learning outcomes:
After the Bootcamp, the participants will be able to:
• Relate the importance of systemic coherence in business models to create value for the client and to the ultimate success of the business
• Test the relevance of their business model
• Develop and formulate a synthetized business plan for a new enterprise
• Pitch in front of peers, investors and stakeholders to provide a clear, short, and valuable understanding of their innovation.

Pre-requisite before Bootcamp: Pre-working on the 14 slides of the pitched business plan (link will be sent to accepted participants).

Day 1: The scope of your innovation
8:30-9:00: Warm-up session on Bootcamp deliverables – The pitched BP
9:00-10:00: Pitch your innovation
10:15-11:00: From strategy to business model to business plan
11:00-12:30: Designing a value proposition
Free time for lunch
14:00-14:45: Testimonial from an entrepreneur
14:45-17:30: Aligning your value proposition components - Coaching
17:30-18:00: Pitch your value proposition – Peer-to-peer review
Deliverables: BP slides on vision/mission/opportunities/offer/value proposition/targeted markets

Day 2: Aligning the BM and finalizing the BP
8:30-9:30: From the value proposition to the full BM
9:30-10:15: From the BM to the financial forecasts using DEFI
10:30-12:30: Working out your BP - Coaching
Free time for lunch
14.00-14.30: Aligning and experimenting your BM
14.30-18.30: Working out your financial forecasts and finalizing your BP
Deliverables: first draft of full BP

Day 3: Fine-tuning the BP and pitching in front of the jury
8:30-10:00: Fine-tuning the BP
10:00-12.30: 15 min pitch with feedbacks (split in 2 juries)
Free time for lunch
14:00-17:15: Presentation to the Bootcamp jury
17:15-18:00: Bootcamp debriefing and closing

Coaching methods:
The training will emphasize iterative construction of the different steps of the business plan with daily pitches and feedbacks from professionals as well as peer trainees.
Action learning will structure the training in order to leverage cross-fertilization between participants.
Testimonials from entrepreneurs will also enable experience sharing on the entrepreneur’s curriculum

From 2-4 May 2022

Depending on COVID restrictions, either online or in SKEMA Grand Paris Campus.
SKEMA Business School - Campus Grand Paris
5, quai Marcel Dassault - 92150 Suresnes, France
Tél : +33 (0)1 71 13 39 00



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