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Startup Pathway 2020

Jul 1 - Oct 22 | Luxembourg

Accelerating Cybersecurity Startups in Luxembourg

About this Program

The Cybersecurity Luxembourg Startup Pathway addresses both innovators’ and investors’
need to find a common platform to meet and discuss about potential partnership.
Luxembourg proposes a unique project to educate the investors on cybersecurity trends and
practices, to organize meetings for startups looking for business angels or venture
capitalists, and to present these solutions to the local cybersecurity, startup and ICT

The Cybersecurity Luxembourg Startup Pathway is for funding, networking and growing!
Even better, this event is in collaboration with the “Pitch Your Startup” competition. For
more information: https://www.pitchyourstartup.eu/.

Practical information:

• October 21st and 22nd

• All events will be online due to safety reasons.

• From July 1st to October 5th: Registration
• October 15th: Announcement of the selected startups
• October 21st (morning): Investor discussion with local stakeholders (BEI, Luxinnovation, SECURITYMADEIN.LU)
• October 21st (afternoon): Business angels meeting with startups
• October 22nd (morning): Innovators meeting with national startup ecosystem
• October 22nd (afternoon): Venture Capitalists meeting with startups

Registration for startups: https://gust.com/accelerators/cybersecuritystartup-
Registration for investors: https://zfrmz.eu/IyDwZwz2E12XyujWhGjM

Information and contact:

This initiative is part of the Cyber Investors Day network of events coordinated by the
European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO).