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PREVIOUSLY RUN - Startup302 - Spring 2021

May 3 - May 4 | Wilmington, DE, USA

Funding competition building on equity and inclusion in Delaware's innovation ecosystem.

About this Program


Startup 302 is a Delaware-based funding competition for technology-enabled startups led by underrepresented founders. Winners will receive prize money, access to mentors, and valuable connections in the startup ecosystem.

We believe innovation thrives when diverse perspectives are fostered and included, and therefore aim to improve access and equity in the First State's innovation ecosystem.

All technology-enabled startups, with at least one founding team member from an underrepresented group are welcomed to apply for consideration. Considering the profile of Delaware’s ecosystem, those working in bioscience, chemistry, advanced materials, agriculture, and financial & business services, and the up-and-coming e-sports industry are especially encouraged to participate.

Who is an underrepresented founder? In the startup community, underrepresented founders are those who the venture capital industry as a whole underinvest in relative to the percent of the overall US population. For the purpose of this competition, we define underrepresented founders as women, African-Americans, Latin-Americans and Native-Americans. Across startup communities, these founders belong to demographic groups and identities which are vastly underrepresented in technology startup ownership and success stories.

For more information, please visit: www.startup302.org


Agriculture, Biotechnology, Chemicals and Chemical Products, Clean Technology, Computers and Peripherals + 8 more