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StageTwo 2018

Jun 30 - Oct 22 | Thessaloniki, Greece

accelerated incubation and access to finance

About this Program

StageTwo is a three-month acceleration/incubation program for pre-seed level startup teams who have demonstrable potential for success. We look for a solid team, with a product or service that has found initial traction and/or innovative technology in the prototype stage. Teams are supported with in-depth mentoring, networking, and coaching on specific areas of their projects. Mentors are experienced entrepreneurs, professionals, and academics, located in Europe and the USA.

StageTwo has a strategic cooperation with Metavallon Fund, a 32M euro fund based in Athens, Greece. Metavallon partners are actively involved in the program, and monitor teams' progress for investment readiness.

We put a lot of emphasis on continuous, in-depth customer validation and market research; teams are required to get feedback for their product/service via direct contact with potential customers, competitors, and users.

We expect that you have a good working knowledge of standard startup practice (lean methodology, customer validation, etc.) and that your team and product are beyond the 'powerpoint' stage.

StageTwo operates physically in Thessaloniki, Greece. For geographically-challenged teams (outside the area) we can work with you virtually/online, and in-person whenever possible. We are open to teams from any geographical area.

Funding Information

  • Takes up to 5.0% equity
  • Accepts 15 companies


Agriculture, Biotechnology, Clean Technology, Consumer Products, Consumer Services + 8 more