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SmartPitch Challenge 2017 Phase Two

Feb 1 - Feb 28 | New York, NY, US
Shaping, focusing, propelling CUNY-made startups

About this Program

Submission: One Minute YouTube Pitch Video

1) What should my video cover?

-What problem/issue is your business idea trying to solve?

-How are you solving this problem/issue?

2) Who will benefit from your idea?

-How do I film my video?

-You can use a variety of equipment to record your video from your cell phone, computer camera, or a digital camera.

-If you do not own any equipment capable, check with your campus library as some schools provide a loaning program for students.

-If you use your cell phone, remember to turn your phone horizontal to avoid the side black bars!

3)What are the video requirements?

-Video must be posted using YouTube

-Audio is required and must include someone from your group speaking

-You can have live action, animation, or slides to explain your idea

-The video CANNOT exceed one minute

4) YouTube Instructions

-If you do not already have one, sign up for a free YouTube account (if you have a Gmail account you’re all set).

-Once you log-in, click on the UPLOAD button on the top right corner of your screen.
Upload your video file from your phone or computer.

-DO NOT make your video private, otherwise even with a link mentors and others will not be able to view it. Public means your video is searchable using Google, unlisted means that it is viewable but not searchable. Private means no one will be able to view without you manually adding them, again DO NOT select this option.

-Depending on your internet connection uploading a video will take time, be patient. While it is uploading you can name your video, provide description, select your thumbnail, and select the following options under the ADVANCED SETTINGS TAB.

-Once your video is done with your settings and the video has uploaded, click DONE. Your video is now on YouTube!


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