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SM@RT MATRIX™ - Summer 2018 Cohort

May 22 - May 21 | Dubai - United Arab Emirates
SUCCEED as a Service™

About this Program

SM@RT MATRIX™ is a different kind of accelerator. Instead of a building of co-working space and a small network of mentors, SM@RT MATRIX™ is a global Platform, Ecosystem, Economy and Game being built on blockchain technology.

Whereas traditional accelerators only accelerate startups, our mandate is to accelerate startup and older Companies, Charities, Causes, Consumers and entire Countries at global scale, leveraging powerful blockchain technology solutions and an unprecedented global consortium network model.

The Spring 2018 Cohort of "COMPANIES", is specifically for global startups 10 years old or less, with a solid vision, product/service and business development plan in place. Unlike other accelerator programs, the blockchain-powered SM@RT MATRIX™ program is not centralized in one geographic location, but rather is decentralized, distributed across several geographic locations where participation can be a mix of both physical presence for short stints, combined with virtual participation sessions and one-on-one mentor/support engagements.

Also unlike typical accelerator programs, the participating companies' founding team are required to provide mentorship and support to the other teams, in areas where they have significant past experience and proven expertise. This unique "MATRIX" model optimizes the acceleration potential of the program in terms of building extremely strong companies, well equipped to tackle any large incumbent in their respective target markets. The model also includes an analysis of synergies between the companies in the program, identifying and activating powerful strategic collaborations for mutual competitive advantage.

Each SM@RT MATRIX™ cohort is thus a microcosm of the very powerful SM@RT MATRIX™ ecosystem and economy, disrupting status quo business models and blindly followed processes, to dramatically transform the landscape of business in the 21st century, in what we call, the SM@RT ECONOMY™.

SM@RT INC. the company behind the SM@RT MATRIX™ accelerator program, seeks no equity participation in your company for the funds we raise for you. When your startup succeeds to the power of 1, our company and the global human community succeeds to the power of 1000. We are NEW, we are DIFFERENT and we are XTRAORDINARY by design - as our accelerator companies will be.

Our ultimate objective is to unlock the immense but shackled potential for sustainable economic empowerment and development that exists globally, thereby powerfully facilitating and accelerating the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Funding Information

  • Funds up to $37M per team
  • Takes up to 0.0% equity
  • Accepts 36 companies


Aerospace, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Business Products, Business Services + 37 more