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Innovative Snacks Challenge

Jul 2 - Oct 3 | Madrid, Spain
Take a bite! Be the one hacking the snacking!

About this Program

At Sigma in Europe, we’re passionate about bringing you the foods you grew up with — and introducing you to the new favorites you’ll pass down for generations.

We’re creative thinkers and innovators: restless in our exploration and generous in spirit. We wonder how things come together, and then we celebrate those moments of connection.

At Sigma in Europe we launch Innovative Snacks Challenge a competition aimed at finding the most forward-thinking start-ups with pioneering snack products that fit current consumer tastes and future needs.

What are we looking for?

International start-ups that meet the company's main innovation platforms:
* health and nutrition
* trust and sustainability
* and indulgence within the convenience world of snacking

Looking for, among others:

- New products in: alt protein snacks, high end snacks, better for you, support weight loss, new dietary needs such as keto and vegan, future of meat snacking

- New moments and consumers: kids and ederly, meat replacement, gym&fitness, healthy snacking at vending. Grab-n-go

The winning start-up will have the opportunity to be awarded a €10,000 grant to assist with the launch of the new product!!

Do not miss the change of becoming the start-up HACKING THE SNACKING!

Additionally, it will have the chance to work with a potential design partner to enter into agreements for scaling-up, investment and distribution.


Consumer Products, Food and Beverage, Retailing / Distribution