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sFoundation Startup Accelerator 2020-Q3

Jul 6 - Aug 30 | Santa Clara, CA, USA

Startup Accelerator - Built on diversity.

About this Program

Program Overview

sFoundation is the next generation of Startup Accelerator — we have a goal to include 20% women founders, 20% minority founders, and 20% founders over 40. We were established by a founder who envisioned that anyone — regardless of their background — can start a technology related company. We offer unparalleled acceleration programs, sessions, workshops, and advisory services. Fueled by a passion to offer excellent solutions for startup founders, sFoundation was conceptualized to identify and ease the pain points of entrepreneurs in founding and scaling their startups.

Am I a candidate for sFoundation's Startup Accelerator? You are if you answer...

​ - I'm a working mother with a non-traditional schedule, and I have an MVP.
- I'm an engineer with more than 20 years of software/hardware experience, I want to work on my startup's MVP in the evening.
- I don't conform to the 9-to-5 crowd and am looking to venture into the startup world with my MVP.
- I'm looking to connect with other engineers or business people to co-found a startup with my MVP.
- I'm an entrepreneur from a different demographic than those who are in the mainstream startup accelerators.
- I'm a full time startup founder and have built my MVP and am ready for my first customer.


Business Products, Business Services, Consumer Services, Fintech, Other