Eco 4212


Feb 6 - Aug 7 | Santiago, Chile
Instead of changing the world through revolution, we can change the world through #innovation

About this Program

This program seeks to attract world class entrepreneurs in early stage to start their business in Chile, strengthening enterprise environment, supporting the culture of innovation in our country, and connecting with Latam to grow from this region to the world.

This grant is aimed at individuals of any nationality, including Chile, who are founders or owners of startups.

This subsidy delivery financing for 90% of total program costs, $ 20 million (Chilean pesos) per project. The beneficiary must provide 10% of the costs. This subsidy works under a system of reimbursement or payment under.

In addition, this program will provide work visa for one year the beneficiary of the program and a team of up to 3 people (including the recipient), all presented the program during the application process.

Funding Information

  • Funds up to $20M per team
  • Takes up to 0.0% equity
  • Accepts 100 companies


Aerospace, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Business Products, Business Services + 32 more