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ScaleMinds Startup Growth Camp December 2017

Dec 1 - Jan 15 | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Hand holding Early Stage Startups to Scale and Accelerate their Growth.

About this Program

ScaleMinds is a hands-on startup accelerator, amplifying startups by providing seed funding, access to additional capital, and an unmatched team of mentors and advisors.

ScaleMinds runs a 45 day Startup Growth Camp for startups in multiple cities of India. ScaleMinds Startup Growth Camp is a 45 day comprehensive program for early-stage startups with access to one-on-one mentorship with top notch industry experts & mentors , Product refinement & development , Go-To market strategy , business development strategy , opportunity to raise seed funding from investors upto INR 3 Milion & networking opportunity in startup ecosystem.

ScaleMinds runs an intensive 100 day Accelerator program for Startups selected from the 45 day Growth Camp. Every selected startup receives seed upto INR 3 million in seed funding with other value added benefits.

Funding Information

  • Funds up to ₨3M per team
  • Takes up to 10.0% equity
  • Accepts 20 companies


Agriculture, Clean Technology, Consulting, Consumer Products, Education + 10 more