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ScaleFoundry 1st Cohort January 2021

Apr 1 - May 31 | Amsterdam, Netherlands
clearly not your usual accelerator

About this Program

No, your business is not in a beauty pageant.
Investors are smart and experienced. “Polishing” your pitch should not be the purpose of an accelerator.

That polished face must front a well-developed business.

You have an answer when asked about precise market segments – and you can back it up.

You have an answer on profit projections – and a tested methodology to back it up.

You can speak to leadership confronted by challenges – and you have a coherent plan to back it up.

A typical accelerator does not delve deep into the workings of your company. There’s no time, or not enough resources, or that’s not their promise to you.

Investors -- smart and experienced – are impressed by well-developed and well-tested companies.

ScaleFoundry is engineered for that mission: to partner with you to develop and test. To put you in a position during a pitch where you stand on a solid foundation – not just a veneer of a dozen pitch practices.

ScaleFoundry is unique – because its mission demands that its mentors work hard. We can’t be good partners to you if we aren’t running next to you at pace.

ScaleFoundry -- clearly not your usual accelerator.


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