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Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands (SCCN) Accelerator Program

Jan 1 | Schiphol, Netherlands
If you want to fly with the eagles, you have to stop swimming with the ducks.

About this Program

This program runs until 1 January 2020. It is by invitation only and skips the nonsense of classes, mentorship, educational components, and a public pitch. Instead, we immediately come to the point:

1. You have an initial Skype video call with our program partner, Rosemberg Finance.
2. When you agree, you sign a no cure no pay agreement and you provide Rosemberg Finance with the required documentation.
3. The Swiss Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands then takes over and shares your information with one or more potential investors or strategic partners.
4. When a potential investor or strategic partner is interested, we schedule a meeting for an assessment. You will be informed regarding the progress.
5. When you agree on the terms, we start completing the paperwork with you.
6. When the agreements have been signed, the investor or strategic partner will start the funding process or strategic alliance. Only at this stage, rights and obligations between you and the investor or strategic partner will arise.
7. Start your business!


For investors, accelerator programs act as a filtering or vetting system for early stage companies. If a company has the TechStars or Y-Combinator stamp of approval, it is seen less risky than, e.g., a random startup who emailed his business plan. Currently there are just too many programs to make an adequate selection. Investors have grown weary of demo days that place more emphasis on wowing the audience with a smart presentation and big potential numbers than on serious in-dept company fundamentals and return on investments. And it is not even clear how great the vetting program is. The accelerator scene has been been hurt by over-proliferation.

The best accelerators are up front with this reality. They don't guarantee success. The program gives companies tools for success, but the actual success is in the hands of each company. The worst accelerators do guarantee success. This is where the sheer volume of new programs becomes a problem: Accelerators need the good companies more than the good companies need the accelerators.

That said, it is hard to judge accelerators in general. The "should you or shouldn't you" question is nuanced and different for each company. Our program is different as we start making introductions immediately in a proactive manner. If we are not able to make a match, you will need to look for alternatives to help you. If we make a match, please be prepared for a lot of hard work ahead. By making a match, we have given you the tools for success, but the actual success is in your hands.


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