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RevUp by Betaspring

Jul 1 - Dec 31 | Boston, MA, US
Helping Revenue-First startups to Scale

About this Program

RevUp by Betaspring is an investment platform for companies where revenue is the primary driver of growth. We invest $75K in cash and provide companies with mentorship and support--including access to an in-house growth hacking and digital marketing team--to scale revenue more quickly, predictably, and profitably. RevUp does not take equity in the companies we accelerate. Instead, we use a revenue royalty model to generate ROI over a 36-month period. We invest on the East Coast of the US.

What we look for:
Companies that have discovered at least one repeatable process for reaching and selling to customers
Companies that benefit from the resources Betaspring and our extended team of mentors bring to the table
Companies where our non-dilutive investment model is complementary to the team's overall capitalization plans
Founders who believe that revenue is their primary path to growth

What doesn't work:
Companies that are pre-revenue
Solo founders
Companies on the edge of a pivot

Funding Information

  • Funds up to $100k per team
  • Accepts 6 companies


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