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Quake NYC Cohort 7 Winter 21 Virtual

Jan 19 - Apr 15 | New York, NY, USA

The Next Generation Of Entrepreneurs

About this Program

Quake NY is set to launch its first official Future of Work continuity cohort in the Fall. We are looking to invest in great companies that are focused on changing the landscape of how we work, have traction and founder market fit and are metric driven. If you meet this criteria, please apply!

Quake Capital NYC's Virtual Continuity Program focused on Future of Work 2.0

Who should apply?

Teams with traction, which means the product is in market; i. e. "dog eating the dog food". We are not looking to invest in MVP or idea stage. (There are many great incubators and accelerators that do focus on that stage.)
Founder-market fit - domain expertise with a strong why behind your business. This is a marathon, not a sprint and having the right founding team is essential to longevity.
Team that is metric-driven - data tells the story needed in order to iterate and grow intelligently.
Quake we usually use the SAFE agreement as a model for our deal documentation.

Quake will be investing $100k in each company.

Funding Information

  • Funds up to $150k per team
  • Takes up to 10.0% equity
  • Accepts 15 companies


Agriculture, Business Products, Business Services, Clean Technology, Consumer Products + 17 more