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Professional Services Marketing Accelerator

Sep 12 - Nov 18 | Austin, TX, US
Inspire, Educate & Equip Millennials To Build A Profitable Business That Positively Impacts Their Community.

About this Program

Through a 10 week virtual marketing accelerator program we'll give you and your team marketing training and tools to acquire customers with a a repeatable sales process and build a profitable business.

This program focuses on Professional Services startups like past accelerator companies like, & No need to relocate your team to Austin, TX - the entire program happens virtually

Our program provides:

- Weekly marketing curriculum delivers key concepts and steps to build, measure, and learn from marketing campaigns across a diverse set of channels. Your dedicated program manager will work virtually with you and your team.

- Weekly one on one growth session calls. Daily collaboration using Slack. Project management via Asana.

- StartupRunner's proprietary marketing software powers the entire accelerator experience leveraging Google Analytics for campaign performance tracking.

StartupRunner’s marketing accelerator program will significantly increase your odds of success by working hands on with you with you to acquire customers, increase revenue, create a repeatable sales process and build a profitable business. We also introduce you to angel investors, employees and partner accelerator programs in exchange for 1% equity in your company.

Funding Information

  • Takes up to 1.0% equity
  • Accepts 4 companies


Business Services, Consumer Services