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Praxis 2022 Nonprofit Accelerator

Sep 1 - May 13 | New York, NY, USA
A creative engine for redemptive entrepreneurship, supporting founders, funders, and innovators motivated by their faith to love their neighbors and renew culture.

About this Program

We believe that Christian entrepreneurs who are spiritually serious, culturally astute, and in community are uniquely suited to build sustainable ventures that renew culture, bless their people and partners, and embody the love and grace of the gospel. Each year, Praxis welcomes 12 businesses and 12 nonprofits into our two Accelerator programs, where we provide the top decision-makers in these organizations with the knowledge, network, and personal discipleship necessary to build sustainable, redemptive organizations. The Praxis Accelerator is specifically designed to help you as a founder pursue redemptive entrepreneurship as part of a growing global community of practice. Through engagement with the Praxis team, 35+ mentors from our community, and content such as the Redemptive Nonprofit Playbook, Redemptive Business Playbook and Rule of Life, we’ve seen over 200 Fellows over the last 10 years deepen as leaders, strengthen their faith, and grow their ventures toward greater redemptive impact.


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