Pitch Club India - Bengaluru

Dec 10 | Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Empowering the brightest startups

About this Program

Kyyba Innovations
At Kyyba Innovations, we accelerate innovation with startups and corporations. The core services and programs provide entrepreneurs tremendous opportunities for cross pollination and increased deal flow across the globe.
About this Program
Pitch Club Michigan is going global, and launching for the first time in India!
Submit your startup for a chance to showcase your business and connect with U.S. investors and mentors.

Check out our Pitch Club Michigan video:

This application is for companies that want to present in Chennai. Please visit our website for a list of other cities we will be hosting Pitch Club India events: www.PitchClubIndia.com

Pitch Club provides a platform for startups seeking mentoring and investment to showcase their newly formed companies. The events are meant to educate, network, inspire and provide valuable experiences for being investable.

1.) 10 lucky entrepreneurs receive the opportunity to practice their pitch and discuss their business model with investors and funding experts, giving them a better understanding the mindset of an investor.

2.) Startups meet with Kyyba Innovations mentor team prior to each event, and judges complete feedback forms for each individual company, giving presenter’s milestones to complete.

3.) Pitch Club also features a guest keynote who speaks on topics related to starting a company, raising funds, technology and trends, and opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Anyone can attend Pitch Club, but companies interested in presenting must complete an application by the deadline provided on each event registration page. You can find more information about Pitch Club by visiting the website: www.PitchClubIndia.com, or #PitchClubIndia.

Pitch Club is a Kyyba Innovations initiative that contains an ongoing series of start-up events. The events provide an opportunity for Kyyba Innovations to partner with other entrepreneurially energized communities.


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