Ocean of Opportunities 2020 (AI Track)

Mar 4 - Aug 31 | Singapore

A Shipping and Logistics Innovation Challenge

About this Program

Ocean of Opportunities is a shipping and logistics innovation challenge, now in its third year.

This year, we're looking to discover applications that use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to solve real problems in the shipping and logistics industry. If your startup has an AI or data-enabled solution, we want you to participate!

This is your chance to create a new use case for your solution, expand your capabilities, and win the opportunity to conduct a trial with our corporate partners, Hapag-Lloyd and Ocean Network Express!

If your solution uses technologies other than AI and ML, you're still welcome to submit your solution for consideration under our General Track here: https://forms.gle/kQ2kBvFDgrLj6Zgg8

The following are the challenges that our corporate partners are most interested to solve through the Ocean of Opportunities:

1. Schedule reliability prediction using publicly available data - How can we make use of publicly available data to improve predictions in arrival times of liners?
2. Dynamic pricing based on all determinant factors - With short historical data and non-digital determinant factors, can we still adopt dynamic pricing?
3. Identification of high risk vessels based on open source intelligence - How can we gather enough information from open sourced intelligence to have a good oversight on the conditions of charter vessels?

Learn more about the challenges at http://ooo.sg/Ai-challenge.html

Applications has been extended until Wednesday, 10 June.

Container ships are getting larger, longer, and going further! Sail with us and explore the trillions of opportunities out there!


Visit our Q&A at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dexAq0SbrH8fn2JCZpeRp4BiFf2OCM0frgGi495btnI/edit?usp=sharing
You may also send in questions to info@ooo.sg


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