NICL - Cohort 12 and Living Indus Green Startup Youth Champions Award

Jul 3 - Dec 29 | Lahore, Pakistan

About this Program

This is a joint application form for the 12th cohort at NICL and Living Indus Green Startup Youth Champions Award.

At NICL we’re partners to problem solvers; solution seekers who tirelessly support ideas that provide answers to Pakistan’s most critical problems.

Our aim is to bolster the start-up ecosystem in the country by providing founders with the right atmosphere, training and resources, enabling start-ups to survive and scale, and attract investment capital for growth.

‘Living Indus - Green Startup Youth Champions Award’ aims to encourage and enable Pakistani youth working towards developing environmental protection and climate mitigation solutions. Young entrepreneurs (16-32 years of age) are invited to apply for the grant and contribute towards Pakistan’s efforts to safeguard the environment, build resilience and climate adaptability through business innovation.


Agriculture, Clean Technology, Education, Fashion, Fintech +8 more