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New Mobility II

Oct 15 - Jan 31 | Paris, France
We seek out startups around the world that can achieve global success, and help them to achieve it with an intense, hands-on program structure

About this Program

Sente and New Mobility Lab have teamed up for our 2nd accelerator program together.

The program is designed to take early-stage international Mobility startups to scale-up via a hands-on, structured accelerator using:

- Sente's unique approach to building a business model, economic model and market entry plan in both Europe and the US
- New Mobility Lab’s cross-industry community of startups and corporations to operationalize the digital transformation of transportation and mobility (the "New Mobility World")
- An intense business development experience through a series of industry events in London, Paris, Las Vegas and Chicago, along with a US home at the Connectory in Chicago

Funding Information

  • Funds up to $50k per team
  • Takes up to 8.0% equity
  • Accepts 10 companies


Industrial/Energy, IT Services, Maritime/Shipping, Robotics, Software + 2 more