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Most Fundable Companies

Dec 15 - Oct 17 | Los Angeles, CA, USA

Where Entrepreneurs Develop and Launch Successful Business Ventures

About this Program

Are you an early-stage U.S. company seeking private capital?
Does your business generate between $0 and $10 million in annual revenue?
Are you willing to invest some of your time to assess and improve your readiness for funding?

Take part in our Qualifier Survey today! Get objective feedback on how your business will be viewed by potential investors. We aim to help you think about how to structure your business and pitch your service or product so that you are seen as a worthy investment. The top startups will be selected for our annual Most Fundable Companies List.

Visit www.bschool.pepperdine.edu/mfc for 2019 program key dates and to view the 2018 Most Fundable Companies List winners.


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