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Midstage Ventures - Software Application

May 10 - Jun 30 | Los Angeles, CA, US
Entrepreneurship has no Borders!

About this Program

We’re dream builders. We are not afraid of big challenges, so long there is a purpose in developing this or that venture. We focus in early stage companies, either tangible product or apps/software/systems/ecommerces, bearing in mind we are always looking for innovative or tech products.

Just like in fine handcrafted woodworking, we take attention to details to the next level, we plan ahead and execute only when we are sure of our success.

The acceleration process has no fixed term, so long there is commitment and involvement with the product.

We have an indirect investment, based on the needs and services required by the Startup, as for marketing, legal, financial, design, public relation, product development, iOS and Android, e-commerce, casting and networking.

We are an international Venture Company, so no matter where you are from, feel free to apply your idea - if you are dedicated to it.


Business Products, Clean Technology, Consumer Products, Consumer Services, Fintech + 2 more