Medtech Actuator | 2022 Application

Jul 1 - Jun 30 | Melbourne VIC, Australia
Asia-Pacific's MedTech Catalyst

About this Program

The MedTech Actuator Accelerator is Asia Pacific’s industry-led, venture-backed, 12-month acceleration program, which simultaneously accelerates technology development, builds team capability, and provides a chance to access up to $200k investment.

- Founders based in Australia, Singapore or internationally with an ability to travel to Melbourne to attend certain intensive sprints and a Demo Day (February 2023) in person
- Teams are required to incorporate as a company to enter the MedTech Actuator Program, however the group does not need to be incorporated at the time of Application. MTAC will provide the initial assistance in setting up the company
- in the funded track applicant can raise up to $200K (see deal terms in the application form)
- In the unfunded track, you are expected to have at least $50k cash flow to cover the expenses associated with reaching certain milestones (regulatory strategy, reimbursement strategy, IP, etc)
- MTAC takes 5% non-negotiable program fee

MedTech Actuator – Phase One, July - October 2022
Phase 1 of the MedTech Actuator comprises 4 months of intensive sprints, whereby founders participate in structured workshop sessions and hands-on learning activities for three to five days at the beginning of each month. Each sprint is focused on critical elements associated with commercialisation (regulatory approvals, reimbursement schemes, business models and pricing, product development, IP and capital raising, and much more).

MedTech Actuator – Phase Two, November 2022 - April, 2023
Self-structured, intensive growth – meeting with mentors and industry experts to refine strategy and prepare for investment.

Medtech Actuator - Phase Three, May - June 2023
Internationalisation and global growth of business workshops and an international trade mission.

This program is powered by MTPConnect’s $32 million Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) initiative made possible by the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF).

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Funding Information

  • Funds up to $200k per team
  • Takes up to 20.0% equity
  • Accepts 15 companies


Biotechnology, Consumer Products, Electronics / Instrumentation, Healthcare Services, Medical Devices and Equipment +1 more