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London Tech Calling #05: Industrial & Manufacturing

Nov 15 - Dec 23 | Singapore

Accelerating the global growth and adoption of disruptive technologies

About this Program

In partnership with Enterprise Singapore and the Singapore Economic Development Board under the Global Innovation Alliance, IoT Tribe runs the heavily-subsidised London Tech Calling programme to assist scaleups and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore that are planning to expand into the UK and European markets.

Scaleups and SMEs that participate in the market access programme will receive support in defining their priorities for the UK market, analysing and accessing suitable development opportunities, and guidance on market entry. IoT Tribe’s headquarters in London, UK will serve as a primary base for their market access into the region.

Scaleups and SMEs selected to participate in the London Tech Calling programme will get to work with a wide range of experts, mentors and strategic partners to propel their market expansion plans to the UK and beyond.

Through the programme, they can expect to develop a good understanding of the business landscape and market opportunities in the UK, and hone their go-to-market strategy for the UK. This is followed by a 6 to 8-week virtual soft landing in London where they will be connected with potential clients, partners, investors, suppliers and more through facilitated 1-1 meetings. There will also be opportunities to attend networking sessions and external events.


Upcoming Cohorts:
#03 | Smart & Sustainable Cities – 19 Jul to 14 Oct 2021 (Ongoing)
#04 | Fintech – 11 Oct to 3 Dec 2021 (Applications Closed)
#05 | Industrial & Manufacturing – 1 Nov to 23 Dec 2021


The UK is now the fifth largest economy in the world, has one of the lowest corporate taxes in the G20 and a highly skilled and educated workforce, and is also the hotspot for tech investment. Last year, the UK attracted $15B worth of venture investment in 2020, the third largest only after the US and China. This was $200M more than the previous year despite the pandemic and Brexit, and more than VC investment in Germany and France combined.

Industries today also experience more global challenges than ever before, affecting how value chains operate and perform, changing business and working dynamics worldwide. This has also marked a shift towards a new technological reality, where market optimism towards the adoption of new technologies are at an all-time high.

There is no better time to expedite the expansion of your company to the UK, with the value of technologies set to rise amid the growing dynamism of worldwide markets.

IoT Tribe will work hand-in-hand with you to fine-tune your company’s value proposition and connect you with ambitious corporates as well as visionary public agencies to drive the sustainable growth of your best-in-class technologies, starting with the UK and European markets.


For more information about the London Tech Calling programme, contact us at singapore@iottribe.org.

Funding Information

  • Takes up to 0.0% equity
  • Accepts 8 companies


Clean Technology, Construction, Electronics / Instrumentation, Industrial/Energy, Marine + 7 more