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About this Program

Launch is a 5-month intensive program designed to get your company to the Build and Sell level. It focuses on strong market and competitor knowledge, execution and operations, and fulfillment of a repeatable sales process. This is the final stage of the three-part programs offered by the OSU Advantage Accelerator / RAIN Corvallis. Participation in the prior two stages is recommended, but not necessary.

Clients in this program will launch their startup. This phase is focused on growth, project management and efficiency. Clients should be seeking to ramp up their company from a research and development company to becoming a product manufacturing and marketing company. Customer growth is a key indicator at this stage.

Program Goals:
-Build an enterprise capable to scale
-High growth
-Operational implementation
-Market and competitive knowledge
-Give back to Accelerate cohort (as mentor, speaker)
-Understanding of financials, funding sources, KPI’s, metrics and cash flow
-Ability to execute on value and supply chain
-Ability to market and sell with a sustainable business model

-Intern Research – as needed
-One on One sessions
-Advanced Mentorship
-Graduation and Introduction to the community
-Potential of funds for attending trade show (accessing customers) and/or prototype development
-Executives in Residence
-One-on-one session(s) with professional funding resource
-SWAT session
-Presentation at Demo Day


Clean Technology, Consumer Products, Education, Food and Beverage, Gaming + 3 more