LabEight* Africa Fall 2021

Oct 1 - Jan 15 | Lagos, Nigeria
Join the league of entrepreneurs extraordinaire.

About this Program

At LabEight Africa, our vision is to build an ecosystem of socially conscious local entrepreneurs that deliver world class solutions over the next decade.

Our mission is to support local entrepreneurs by providing the necessary operational and technical support as well as equipping them with the leadership and business skills needed to build socially conscious solutions while still delivering on our mandate of growing a world class local ecosystem.

We co-invest with both brilliant Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs who are looking to setup a lean & agile team, quickly iterate & learn from their customers and grow & evolve their product. We provide founders with technical and operational resources and guidance needed to scale their ideas:

- Fundraising support
- $100,000+ in partnership and perks
- Hands-on growth support from LabEight* Partners
- CxO matchmaking
- Business Advisory
- Marketing and business development
- Legal, accounting support

Program fees:
- There are no costs for the program. LabEight* takes 5% equity from startups accepted and joining the program.

Funding Information

  • Takes up to 5.0% equity
  • Accepts 6 companies


Clean Technology, Consumer Services, Fintech, Healthcare Services, Other +2 more