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The Blockchain Accelerator for Global Growth

Mar 15 - May 31 | Los Angeles, CA, USA

The Road Ahead is Only Global

About this Program

The IBA's Blockchain Accelerator for Global Growth works with early-stage companies implementing blockchain technology for global growth. This 12-week program takes place in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California (USC), in Menlo Park, California and Remotely is the only one of its kind in the US, providing state-of-the-art technical advice, one-on-one business coaching, market research and more. Companies will receive a customized international growth strategy, assistance in leveraging blockchain technology and funding readiness using our due diligence intensive.

WHO: Workshops feature hands-on work with IBA staff as well as expert presenters and industry experts. Founders and key BizDev employees should attend. All companies enjoy a three-month USC intern to help with acceleration. Space is limited.

WHEN: The Wednesday 4-hour evening workshop schedule is:
1. Session 1 - Creating Globally Minded Company / Nuts & Bolts
2. Session 2 - Setting Up Blockchain for Global Growth/Cultural Training
3. Session 3 - Int'l Mktg & Branding for Global Blockchain Audience
4. Session 4 - Legal, Regulatory, Cross-Border Taxation & Accounting
5. Session 5 - Pitch Session & Finance Essentials: Due Diligence Room, Raising capital, havens, etc.
6. Session 6 - Sustained int'l growth, QC, customer support, JVs, HR, etc.
7. Demo Day - TBD

VALUE: The program gives you real deliverables based upon your needs:
Whitepaper, Pitch Practice, PR & Marketing Plans, Go to Market Strategy, Blockchain Architecture & Design, Interns, Investor Due Diligence Report, Mentors, Demo Day

HOW MUCH: The program fee is $5K and co-founders or additional reps are welcome for $750 each. Space is limited. Light meals served.


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