The Blockchain Accelerator for Global Growth

Mar 20 - May 31 | Los Angeles, CA, USA
The Road Ahead is Only Global

About this Program

The IBA's Blockchain Accelerator for Global Growth works with early-stage companies implementing blockchain technology for global growth. This 12-week program is the only one of its kind in the US, providing state-of-the-art technical advice, one-on-one business coaching, market research and more. Companies will receive a customized international growth strategy, assistance in leveraging blockchain technology and funding readiness using our due diligence intensive.

WHO: Workshops feature hands-on work with IBA staff as well as expert presenters and industry experts. Founders and key BizDev employees should attend. All companies enjoy a three-month intern to help with acceleration. Space is limited.

WHEN: The 4-hour workshop schedule is:
1. Session 1 - Creating Globally Minded Company / Nuts & Bolts
2. Session 2 - Setting Up Blockchain for Global Growth/Cultural Training
3. Session 3 - Int'l Mktg & Branding for Global Blockchain Audience
4. Session 4 - Legal, Regulatory, Cross-Border Taxation & Accounting
5. Session 5 - Pitch Session & Finance Essentials: Due Diligence Room, Raising capital, havens, etc.
6. Session 6 - Sustained int'l growth, QC, customer support, JVs, HR, etc.
7. Pitch/Demo Day - TBD

WHERE: Los Angeles at the University of Southern California (USC), in Menlo Park, California and Remotely.

VALUE: The program gives you real deliverables based upon your needs:
Whitepaper, Pitch Practice, PR & Marketing Plans, Go to Market Strategy, Blockchain Architecture & Design, Interns, Due Diligence Intensive, Mentors, Pitch Day, Demo Day

HOW MUCH: The program fee is $5000.00 and co-founders or additional reps are welcome for $750 each.


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