I-Tech Innovation 2021 | AgriTech & FoodTech

Apr 12 - Jul 1 | Bologna, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy

The Accelerator of Golinelli Foundation, 2500 sqm space dedicated to emerging entrepreneurial realities

About this Program

The aim of the program is to accelerate startups in the Agritech area using the expertise of G-Factor and the commercial and business knowledge of CRIF SpA (leading multinational information company) and especially of its daughter company Agrivar Srl.

Agrivar is a major farming company managing over 300 hectares of land in central Italy, actively growing olive trees (over 100 hectares and 65 thousands trees), vineyards, orchards, and other crops. Regarding olive trees, Agrivar leverages state of the art, automated techniques for pruning and harvesting; density of trees is determined based on different types of olives, including autochthonous ones. Moreover, Agrivar employs “agritech” systems for agricultural/ environment monitoring and for agricultural decisioning. Agrivar uses sustainable practices from the water consumption standpoint, having recovered three old rain basins previously abandoned.

We are looking for motivated Agritech startups with a long-term growth plan that can serve companies belonging to the agricultural value chain, addressing their needs with innovative services in the spaces of farm management software, satellite, drones & automated devices, traceability & sustainability, marketplace & intelligence, new agriculture production systems.

Funding Information

  • Funds up to €120k per team
  • Takes up to 20.0% equity
  • Accepts 3 companies


Agriculture, Food and Beverage