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HelpGrowCT Virtual Accelerator

Jun 30 - Dec 31 | New Haven, CT, US
Redeveloping Economic Development in Connecticut

About this Program

HelpGrowCT is the worlds first fully-subversive, sustainable, evergreen accelerator program.

Based in Connecticut, startups are able to come in and join the day-to-day operations of HelpGrowCT -- getting practical, hands on experience in a vibrant environment while building, launching and growing your startup!

As a constituent in our program you will get access to:

1. Office space
2. Software & Tools
3. Best practice growth hacks
4. Advisory support
5. A sustainable cash flow to launch your venture
6. Access to our growth network & partners

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of HelpGrowCT's accelerator is the fact that we give you the opportunity to develop a recurring revenue stream, leveraging our infrastructure, to help you guarantee a base level of cash flow while launching your new venture. Peace of mind much?

The virtual program does not limit your participation based on geography, and gives you exposure to two key elements of successful venture building: Product Development + Business Development


Business Products, Business Services, Digital Marketing, Internet / Web Services