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HelpGrowCT Fall 2016 Cohort

Jun 1 - Aug 31 | Bridgeport, CT, US
Redeveloping Economic Development in Connecticut

About this Program

HelpGrowCT is the worlds first fully-subversive, sustainable, evergreen accelerator program.

Based in Connecticut, startups are able to come in and join the day-to-day operations of HelpGrowCT -- getting practical, hands on experience in a vibrant environment while building, launching and growing your startup!

As a constituent in our program you will get access to:

1. Office space
2. Software & Tools
3. Best practice growth hacks
4. Advisory support
5. A sustainable cash flow to launch your venture
6. Access to our growth network & partners

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of HelpGrowCT's accelerator is the fact that we give you the opportunity to develop a recurring revenue stream, leveraging our infrastructure, to help you guarantee a base level of cash flow while launching your new venture. Peace of mind much?


Business Products, Business Services, Digital Marketing, Internet / Web Services