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Hacktivate 3.0 - A Hackathon on Agriculture

Nov 28 - Nov 29 | Islamabad, Pakistan

About this Program

We are back with Hacktivate 3.0 – A Hackathon for Agriculture!

The goal of this two-day event is to find practical innovative solutions for the challenges faced by the Agriculture Sector in Pakistan.

We want to expand the implementation of technology in Agriculture by fostering innovation and collaboration, and by connecting key stakeholders through this platform.

Our problem statements have been gathered directly from those who operate in the Agriculture space and, as a result, face these challenges regularly.

Based on the problem statements collected by our stakeholders, over 12 thematic areas within the Agri Innovation space has been identified. These thematic areas are:

1. Technology Innovation
2. Production Methods - Precision Agriculture
3. Smart Irrigation
4. Energy Efficiency
5. Pesticides & Control
6. Food & Processing Standards
7. Warehousing
8. Livestock Management
9. Research, Development & Training
10. Marketplace for Farmers, Imports & Exports
11. Food Waste
12. Miscellaneous/Other

The top 3 winners will get cash prizes, in addition to the opportunity to connect with all the relevant stakeholders required to practically implement their ideas including investors, Public Sector representatives & mentors/domain experts. They also get the opportunity to scale up with the support of donors and acceleration partners.

1st Place 75,000/-
2nd Place 50,000/-
3rd Place 25,000/-

Innovation Challenge:
1st Place 150,000
2nd Place 100,000
3rd Place 50,000

Let's hack for Agriculture!

The last date to apply is 21st November 2020. Apply now!