Hacking 4 Allies 2022 Application

Aug 29 - Mar 10 | Palo Alto, CA, USA

Enabling Deep Tech/Driven Dual Use Companies to Scale

About this Program

Application TIps:
Once you click the "Apply by May 15" button above, you will create an account with Gust and you will be asked:
"Is your company incorporated?": select "Other"
"How far along is your startup?": TTM Revenue means Trailing Twelve Months Revenue, you can select whichever best represents your company's revenue in the past twelve months.

In total, the application should take about 30 minutes to complete, but does require your company's pitch deck be submitted. You are able to save and resume your application over multiple sessions. If you have any questions, reach out to raragon@bmnt.com.

Join our informational webinar, Wednesday, May 10 at 3pm CET https://tinyurl.com/H4alliesAMA

FFI and Innovation Norway are seeking applicants to the Hacking 4 Allies (H4A) program’s third annual 2022/23 program cycle. If you define yourself as a Norwegian startup or scaleup company with a value proposition within defense or dual-use technology, you qualify to apply.

Please see the H4A Call for Applications and full program details here: https://www.nadic.us/h4a-call-for-applications


You are encouraged to apply if:
Your company is ready to explore commercial and defense opportunities in Norway and the U.S.
Your company’s leadership (C-suite level) is prepared to engage in bi-weekly meetings with US advisors and mentors on the topics of U.S. commercial and government markets, Lean Startup, market exploration, customer discovery, and working with the US federal government. 
You are ready to travel to the U.S. and start building networks across industry, defense-, and investor networks. 
Looking for more information? Join our webinar on May 10.

Applications will be evaluated on:
Product/market fit 
Team’s collective experience
Product Technical Readiness Level (TRL)
C-Suite commitment to actively participating in program sessions
Understanding of competitive landscape & unique value proposition
Interest in/suitability for entering the U.S. market
Company/accelerator fit

Key Points:
Application deadline:   May 15, 2022
Participation fee:          NOK 30,000
Program duration:        AUG 2022- JUN 2023
Participating companies are responsible for travel and accommodation costs associated with trips to the U.S. and FFI ICEworx locations in Norway.
While the program participation fee is modest, commitment with respect to time/travel is considerable, and should be carefully weighed by prospective applicants.
All companies must commit to senior leadership participation in the bi-weekly meeting with BMNT advisors, and several trips to the U.S. is expected.

Please see the H4A Call for Applications and full program details here: https://www.nadic.us/h4a-call-for-applications

Funding Information

  • Accepts 8 companies