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GovStart - UK

Jul 1 - Dec 20 | London, UK
Helping startups transform the public sector / Aider les startups à transformer l'action publique / Startups transformieren Staat und Verwaltung

About this Program

GovStart is a six month growth programme, run by PUBLIC, to help tech startups transform public services, with offices in the UK, France and Germany.

We take startups at different stages and in various sectors, working with products that have powerful public sector applications, and provide them with the tailored support, strategy and networks they need to succeed.

What we provide:

Identifying key public sector challenges and ensuring startups are public sector ready, with a business case that speaks to government buyers.

Product development
Supporting product development and market-fit, including ensuring compliance to public sector cyber security and data protection standards.

Building and developing public sector networks
Introducing startups to key public sector decision makers, both at ministerial and execution level.

Helping startups build and execute routes to market with public bodies, including tendering and other key elements of sales’

Startup support
Aiding with common startup challenges: fundraising, sales & marketing, hiring, PR and more.

Helping startups scale their operations in Europe, taking advantage of PUBLIC presence in UK, France, Germany and Denmark.

What we are looking for:

A strong team, with a good track record
A tested and robust technical product
A sustainable financial situation for the duration of the program
A willingness to contribute to the GovStart community
The desire to improve society

To apply to this programme in French, follow this link: http:/
To apply to this programme in Germany, follow this link: http:/


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