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frshlabsX - pre-seed

Jun 1 - Sep 1 | Allentown, PA, USA
Where frsh startups develop, launch, and grow.

About this Program

frshlabsX is a modular startup stack designed to guide B2B and B2C SaaS startups at three different stages. We know the challenges of going from nada to funding; so we simplified the process by providing you with all of the necessary resources to go from the ideation phase to series X funding.

The application process

1.) Submit your application on Gust and we will identify where you stand, in order to better analyze and validate your idea.

2.) We will reach out to you directly if there is interest from the team.

3.) We will only select up to 10 startups in each stage, per quarter.

4.) Our program lasts 13 weeks. Each program is scheduled to open on a quarterly basis.

5.) If accepted into the initial program, an investment of $5,000 is due upon entry into the program (A value package worth over $50,000 in services). An initial deposit of $2,500 is due before the program starts, and the remaining $2,500 is due during the third week of our 13-week program. You'll be challenged in the "Accelerated Traction" phase of our 13-week program to raise these funds back from your initial customers as your first investors.

Why do we require an investment for our services?

1.) To hold you accountable as a commitment to your own startup and our partnership moving forward by providing our time, services, and resources. You are the founder and we want you to succeed by pushing your limits as an entrepreneur. The end goal is to help you learn, develop, launch, and grow.

2.) To keep "accelerator tourism" at bay: many traditional accelerators accept startups in large batches, sometimes up to 40+ at once, while we only accept up to 10. Startups that bounce around from accelerator to accelerator are the "tourists" in question, and their presence can prove to hinder the growth of your startup if accepted into the same tract, as time and resources that could be going towards your team will be spread amongst all of the others in their cohort. Keeping our acceptance rate to just 10 per quarter allows frshlabs to better focus on your team and your startup, and allows us to fully match your commitment to growing your vision.

3.) To save room on your cap table, as your equity IS your most valuable asset at this stage. By saving ~10% of your startup's equity by partnering with us vs a more traditional accelerator, you will be doing yourself a huge favor that will pay dividends further down the road when you're ready to take on venture capital.



What we offer at this stage includes all of the following (plus more):

Dedicated Team

Our team focuses on one startup at the time, and will build a team around you to be fully focused on your startup wants and needs.


We will become a part of your team and push you to become better entrepreneurs, by instructing you to know, sell, and pitch your idea to anyone.

Startup Development

We will help you identify the pain points in your target industry and customer demographics. Together, we will formulate solutions, and processes to launch a great product to market.

Accelerated Traction

We will provide you and your team with the guidance and tools to attain data about your customers in advance before launching your startup.

UI/UX Workflow

We will create and identify the visual flow and architecture for your software app solution, making it easier on your development team when you're ready to build out your MVP at the seed stage.

MVP Interactive Prototype

We will take the visual flow and design an interactive mockup to that acts as a working prototype of your software app solution.

Landing Page
We will create a simple signup form landing page for your startup and help you create a basic drip to attain an email list, which will then be used to generate feedback and market to your target audience.


We will identify your target audience, assist you in forming a powerful slogan, and create a professional logo for your startup.

Pitch Deck

We will take your current pitch deck and redesign it to grab the attention of investors, potential partners, and future customers.

Investor Network

We will provide you with a list of potential investors that align with your industry.

Our Other Stages

These programs are designed to open on a quarterly basis, and won't clash with the current cohort.

Series X

Funding Information

  • Funds up to $50k per team
  • Accepts 10 companies


Business Services, Consumer Services, Internet / Web Services, Mobile, Software