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We invest our services in founders from all backgrounds who are building the next wave of tech innovation.

About this Program

This program is available to founders located anywhere, as long as they are incorporated in the United States.

Flatirons Development was founded in 2018 with a mission to build beautiful consumer facing software that improves business metrics for early-stage companies.

Flatirons Fund was launched in 2020 to encourage innovation during a troubled economic climate and the years beyond. Our goal is to advance and support a new wave of founders, particularly women and people of color who have traditionally been underrepresented in venture capital.

We provide three months of product development and design resources in three early-stage companies, four times a year. Our goal is to get you to a place where you can go out and raise funds or achieve your next big milestone. In exchange, we take an investment in the form of a ~$50,000 convertible note or SAFE.

Specifically, we provide companies with:

Development Resources

We develop disruptive web and hybrid mobile applications. You will be matched to developers on our team depending on your unique needs.

Design Resources

Our team of talented UI & UX designers provide a full-range of design services from user research and usability testing to high fidelity designs and style guides.

Project Management Resources

We are invested in your long-term success and will work with you to ensure all projects meet the highest quality standards and are completed on time and on budget.


Aerospace, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Business Products, Business Services + 40 more