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FinTech Accelerator - Cycle Five

Aug 1 - Dec 31 | Cairo, Egypt

Helping Egyptian startups commercialize their innovative technologies

About this Program

AUC Venture Lab is Egypt’s first university-based incubator and accelerator at The American University in Cairo. The lab enables startups to capitalize on AUC’s intellectual capital, world-class facilities and research capacities. It connects innovative startups with AUC’s network that includes alumni, faculty, mentors and investors. Through this, it fosters a thriving ecosystem of innovation, education and responsible business.

The mission of the AUC Venture Lab is twofold: to help Egyptian startups commercialize their innovative technologies and business models into viable ventures that contribute to economic growth, competitiveness and job creation; and to provide a learning and research platform for the AUC community to connect with entrepreneurs.

AUC Venture Lab targets startups that are high-growth and innovation-driven. These are selected through a rigorous process based on the novelty of the idea, scalability and commercial potential as well as the team’s track record, cohesion, tenacity and commitment to success. Selected startups play an active role in the AUC community, sharing their entrepreneurial experience with students and staff. They also contribute to Egypt's growth and competitiveness.

AUC Venture Lab houses the FinTech accelerator, a 12-week program for FinTech startups aimed to provide a specialized support to take their business further, gain invaluable insights from some of the smartest minds in the start-up and FinTech world and increase their impact on the Egyptian economy.


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