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IV Fall 2021 Inclusive Innovation Accelerator Program

Sep 11 - Dec 4 | Dallas, TX, USA

Unleashing Genius, Creating Equitable Opportunities, and Removing Barriers to Entrepreneurship

About this Program

The Impact Venture’s Inclusive Innovation Accelerator Program is an 10-week 100% virtual program designed for pre-seed or seed stage tech or tech-enabled companies led by Women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ founders.

Eligible Companies:
+ DFW, Texas or US Based
+ Women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ owned
+ For-profit
+ Tech or Tech-enabled, Pre-Series A (In-Market/MVP/Early Traction)

This program focuses on helping early-stage founders define, refine, and develop the core components of building a viable, scalable business model.

Founders participate in peer-to-peer development opportunities, assigned a dedicated growth advisor, and access to a vast network of mentors, coaches, and our affiliate service providers. Founders also participate in group pitch sessions, weekly group education focused on revenue optimization, sales, customer acquisition, product development, team building, and fundraising/capital acquisition, along with weekly deliverables pertinent to building a robust growth and fundraising framework.

Inclusive Innovation Track founders are eligible to participate in $50,000 Competition awarded to the top 3 companies during the showcase hosted at the end of the program.

1st place - $25,000
2nd place - $15,000
3rd place - 10,000

All companies are eligible to receive additional investment from Impact Ventures Inclusive Capital Fund. Investments are evaluated on an individual and situational basis.

Funding Information

  • Funds up to $25k per team
  • Accepts 15 companies


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