eMerge Americas Startup Showcase 2023

Sep 26 - Apr 21 | Miami, FL, USA

eMerge Americas is seeking the next wave of innovative ventures

About this Program

This is your opportunity to win $420,000 in investment into your company!

The eMerge Americas 2023 Startup Showcase is once again merging with Panoramic Ventures’ Startup Showdown and with the most active venture capital firm in Florida, Florida Funders, for a mega-pitch competition. We will select 100 of the best startups globally through a competitive application process within three stages (University Stage, Early Stage and Later Stage) to participate in a robust multi-week, virtual program, which will culminate at an in-person, grand finale pitch competition. This competition will take place April 20-21, 2023, at the eMerge Americas global tech conference in front of leading venture capitalists, corporate enterprises, government officials, global media outlets, and guest judges.

All selected startups will be allocated prime exhibit space on the 2023 eMerge Expo Floor within “StartUp Alley” to showcase their company over the course of the two-day event.

The winning startup will have a chance to over $420,000 in investment and prizes: $250,000 investment from Florida Funders, $120,000 investment from Panoramic Ventures, and $50,000 investment from eMerge Americas. In addition, startups will be eligible to win more in-kind prizes that will be announced soon.

University Stage Criteria:
- Students and/or recent graduates (up to 2 years) from any college or university
- Minimum Viable Product (MVP) produced
- Little or no revenue
- Less than 1 year since founding

Early Stage Criteria:
- Minimum Viable Product (MVP) produced and Proof of Concept established
- Key team in place (minimum of 2 full-time employees)
- Paying customers (not cash-flow positive)
- Less than 2 years since founding
- No more than $1 million raised in angel or seed capital

Later Stage Criteria:
- Commercially ready product
- Company generating consistent revenue
- Management team in place
- In growth phase


* Contingencies To Prizes / Post Conference Diligence:
All investment consideration will be subject to post conference diligence to include the following:
- Founder successful passing of background check (criminal, education verification, KYC or similar)
- Deal Room provided to Investor to include all organizational documents, org chart, pro-forma forecast, cap table
- If Revenue generating: 2022 Financial Statements and YTD 2023 financial statements through March 31
- Execution of SAFE Agreement and Side Letter
- If the winner of the showcase is a LatAm based company, the company will need to incorporate in the US and move HQ to US (preferably in FL) in order to accept investment

** Proposed Investment Instrument:
Standard Post Money SAFE Agreement
-University Category: $4M Post Money Safe Cap, 20% Discount
-Pre Revenue/ Sub $250K ARR: $5M Post Money Safe Cap, 20% Discount
-Early Growth (>$250K ARR): Post Money Safe Cap will be increased by $500K for every $50K in ---Recurring Revenue above $250K. For example a company with $400K in ARR would warrant a SAFE Cap of $6.5M, as well as 20% Discount

*** Side Letter Provisions:
- Information rights
- Investor will have pro-rata investment rights in all future equity raises or additional debt rounds
- Florida Funders will be granted a board seat and Panoramic Ventures an observer seat
- Investor and Company may mutually agree to expand investment on the same terms


Biotechnology, Clean Technology, Computers and Peripherals, Education, Financial Services +10 more