ELEVIN Ventures Acceleration Program

Jan 1 - Dec 31 | Miami, FL, USA

Empowering entrepreneurs to cross the chasm between idea and realization

About this Program

Stage 1
An introductory one hour session. We will meet to discuss your path as an entrepreneur, what you have done so far to turn your idea into reality and evaluate the current status of your company. We will help you identify your key assumptions and prioritize everything you are doing in order to maximize your chances of success. We believe in focusing only on what matters the most.

Stage 2
Up to 3 months of one hour weekly meetings. We will define your priorities, establish operating procedures and develop effective experiments that will test your core assumptions while staying lean and agile. During our meetings we will discuss advances, pivots, lessons learned and next steps. We will help you develop a product and organizational structure that achieve tangible goals.

Stage 3
If you make it to Stage 3, it means we believe you have high potential and we want to work more actively with you. We are willing to invest up to 5 hours per week actively helping you achieve your goals. You will get access to our extensive international network in the entrepreneur community and all the operational advantages of having a strong team by your side.

Funding Information

  • Takes up to 10.0% equity
  • Accepts 2 companies


Business Products, Business Services, Clean Technology, Consulting, Consumer Products +10 more